After nearly 20 years of working in tech, I became a consultant. Hopping from client to client we consultants come across so many technologies, we can’t possibly be an expert in all of them. Luckily my company has 300+ consultants working on all sorts of tech who would be happy to teach me!

In each blog post, I’ll try to create something useful and relatable. What we’re creating is outlined in The Goal. If you want to follow me step-by-step (including missteps!) as I learn about something, read The Journey. I summarise the main things I took away from it in Key Learnings. The End Result shows you what worked; good for copy/paste, but I won’t explain how or why it works here.

There is also a YouTube channel for this blog, where I upload the pair programming sessions with experts teaching me the ins and outs of each technology.

We only have a few hours with each technology so we won’t become experts, but it’s enough to know what it’s used for, what it’s good at and any obvious limitations. If we need to start using it properly, we’ll have to spend some more time with it.